Nov 15, 2007

One Potential Way to Get Smarter

We all know fish is “brain food”, because seafood like fish contains the greatest amount of amega-3 acids which experts say are important for human brain development, and more over, essential for optimal fetal brain development. In fact, we can also draw the conclusion by our own practice-the more often we eat fish, the clearer our brain can be.

Three years ago, the U.S. government warned pregnant and nursing women to cut back on the amount of seafood they eat, because it was found to be contaminated by mercury.

Since then, more than half the pregnant and nursing women in the U.S. have followed the government’s advice.

Now, a group of top American scientists is advising these women to ignore the federal recommendations and to eat at least three servings of fish and seafood per week-340 grams-to give their babies their chance for brain development.

They says they have learned that seafood is an essential nutrient to fetal neurological development as well as infant neurological development, and the benefits of eating fish in pregnancy outweigh any potential risk.

Another team of medical researchers analyzed extensive child development data and concluded that children whose mothers ate the portions recommended by the U.S. government scored lower on intelligence tests than children whose mother ate 340 grams or more of seafood while they were pregnant and nursing.

Maybe it’s time for mothers to take another direction now.

Nov 12, 2007

How to Get Anorexia

My cousin and I used to have a pretty good appetite and be fond of eating, but now, we are in danger of getting anorexia. We did lose weight. We have to buy new pants now as our old pants have been getting larger and larger. I guess that's all because four months ago......

Four months ago, we began to live together, and by then, we had had no experience of cooking at all, except for watching our parents cooking sometimes.

At first, my cousin had huge enthusiasm in cooking, she always caught every chance to cook. To be honest, her cooking was not bad, and we could enjoy the meals.

Unfortunately, a short time later, her cooking became worse and worse. "Cooking is really a bothering thing, I really miss my mother's cooking, so delicious!" she said one day. Then I suggested the idea of cooking meals by me. She agreed at once.

To be honest, my cooking was not bad at first, and we could enjoy our meals again.

But I could only cook several kinds of food, just like her. When I reached out to try some other new ones, the meals could usually became so...... At the same time, I began losing the enthusiasm of cooking. It's time wasted. For convenience account, I began to cook in easier and easier methods.

And recently, when we were at home, sometimes I cooked, sometimes, she cooked, both in a pretty easy way, and after having a meal, we always had to have something else to compensate......

Yesterday, we went out for dinner. After dinner, she said,"I thought I've gotten anorexia, but now, I don't think so, I guess we should go out for meals from now on." "Maybe," I said," then, perhaps our old pants will be suited again ."

Oct 22, 2007

Less Sleep Could Lead to Fatter Kids?

You would probably think that you would get fatter if you sleep and eat well, but one recent study said that kids could get fatter if they have less sleep. One funny study……

Is there any connection between weight and the amount of sleep?

I guess so. If one has pretty good sleep, he or she would probably have a pretty good appetite, which could result in gaining weight and becoming fatter. Conversely, people who have less sleep tend to lose weight.

And a new study also has found a strong correlation between the two, however, it just works for kids and the correlation is that kids who skimp on sleep tend to be fatter.

They offered three likely reasons why sleep might affect kids' weight as follows:

1. If children don’t get enough sleep at night, they’ll be less likely to run around and get exercise during the day.

2. When kids are tired, they’re more irritable and may reach for junk food to help regulate their mood.

3. The possible connection between sleep and fat metabolism. Studies have been done with adults showing that a lack of sleep may disrupt the secretion of hormones involved in appetite and metabolism, such as leptin and insulin.

The study researched 785 children to get the result.

However, I don’t really believe the result. Just like some time ago, one study said drinking milk can increase the cancer risk. How ridiculous!